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A Chromebook powered by Google’s Chrome OS is a simpler, more optimized affair, a locked-down PC that’s little more than the Chrome browser. Chrome OS is an open source operating system designed and developed by Google based on the Linux operating system.


  1. Simple to use and maintain.

Chrome books run on chrome OS which is a lightweight operating system that requires minimal hardware specifications. This inurn translates to faster boot and the overall computer runs smoother.

Setup is easy. All you need is to flip open the lid, input your Google account details and you are all set up.

On maintenance, it also doesn’t have the hassles that other operating systems come with. Google updates regularly and automatically.

  1. Fast and smooth software and hardware

The chrome book requires less hardware resources. This is made possible due to the Chrome OS installed.

The OS runs under minimal hardware specification because the Chromebook is a thin client that merely taps apps and data through the cloud. This means that most of the heavy lifting happens in powerful central computers.

Chromebooks also use solid-state drives for storing apps and data locally. This means that these computers also mirror the many advantages of SSD storage technology—from low power consumption to fast read and write.

  1. Built and designed for daily productivity

The chrome book comes bundled with applications all geared towards increasing productivity to the end users. They include Docs, Sheets, and Slides—the counterpart to Microsoft Office—and Google-branded communication apps such as Gmail and Hangouts.

Take note that there are also a variety of useful and interesting apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Evernote available via the Chrome Web Store and the Google Play Store. Accessing these apps or downloading them on the Chromebook boosts the productivity capability of Chrome OS.

Users also get 100 GB of Google Drive storage space for free.

  1. Easy to carry around due to portability

Chromebooks are ultra-thin and lightweight because of their minimal hardware specifications. Its equivalent to walking around with a netbook or an Android-powered tablet. However, the chrome book is geared for both content creation and consumption, unlike other mobile devices.

The chrome books also tend to have a longer battery life for the chrome OS consumes minimal hardware resources and running apps require minimal computing power.

  1. Suitable for budget-conscious consumers

Affordability is a notable advantage of Chrome OS and Chromebook. An average user would only spend buying apps from the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store. Of course, apart from free Google apps, there also other useful apps available online.

  1. Google and Android integration

The Chrome OS is fully integrated with Google and Android. A Google Account provides a single sign-in to all the features and functionality of the OS and Chromebook.

It is also worth mentioning that Google has also made Android apps available for Chrome OS. This means that the app ecosystem of the OS has now expanded. Users can now download their favorite Android apps and games on their Chromebooks.