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Fixed length metal seals suitable for manufacturing, agricultural, security and transport applications.

  • 237mmL x 9.6mmiW
  • Material: tin-plated steel
  • Strength Characteristics: average tensile strength is 60 kg
  • Standard Packaging:
  • Sequential number: embossed

This product can be custom-made to your specific requirements. Customization extends to:

  • Colors
  • Logo printing
  • Bar coding

For custom projects of these metal seals, the delivery time is between 6-12 weeks.

For more information on custom made seals, or to request a consultant or product sample, please contact customer service at

The majority of our seals are static seals; seals that function much like a gasket between two flanges that have little or no relative motion between them. Although we have a variety of standard seals, most of our security seals are custom-engineered for a specific application. Specifically engineered seal design allows the equipment designed to maximize performance and minimize weight without being constrained by standard seal configurations.

APPLICATIONS Freight Containers, Vehicle Doors, TIR Cables, Curtain Side Buckles, Enclosures of many kinds, Storage Bins, ID Tags, Sprinkler systems, Tractors & Trailers.
PRODUCT SIZE GUIDE 220mm x 7.9mm x 0.03mm
MATERIAL Available Options: Plate Steel, Tin Plate Steel
STOCK MARKING Embossed: SECURED and sequentially numbered.
CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS Embossed: Company names and custom sequential number ranges. Custom Lengths. Full and part paint finishes available
COLOUR Available Options: Natural, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange
PRINT OPTIONS Available Options: Text Print, Sequential numbering, Logo, Barcoding
PACK SIZE Cartons of 5000

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