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Plastic Seals 40cm

Original price was: KShs 50.00.Current price is: KShs 25.00.
Greater discount on purchase of more than 200 pieces. This product can be custom-made to your specific requirements. Customization extends to
  • Colors
  • Logo printing
  • Barcoding
For custom projects, the delivery time is between 6-12 weeks. For more information on custom made seals, or to request a consultant or product sample, please contact customer service on (+254) 743 144 607 or  

Smooth Cassette Seals 20cm

Original price was: KShs 30.00.Current price is: KShs 25.00.

Smooth Cassette Seals 20cm

  • Specs: Plastic Pulltight Seal, Serial Numbered
  • Strap Work length 150-400mm, thickness 3.8mm
  • Strong break force ave 40kg, remove by cutting
  • For: Bags, Warehouses, Refineries, Doors
  • Material: Biodegradable PP
  • Gripping Spikes
  • Units per pack: 100
  • Tamper Evident