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Metal seals 23.7cm cable length

Original price was: KShs 40.00.Current price is: KShs 35.00.
  • Model Number: JCSS005
  • Material: Tinplate steel
  • Color: Tinplate steel, natural color
  • Application: Freight Containers Vehicle Doors, TIR Cables, Curtain Side Buckles, Enclosures of many kinds, Storage Bins, ID Tags, Sprinkler systems, Tractors & Trailers.

Metal Strap Seals- 25 Cm Tin Plate

Original price was: KShs 60.00.Current price is: KShs 45.00.
T Metal Seal is a fixed length metal seal manufactured in Tin plated steel. The T Metal Seal design features a unique double locking action and inspection holes in the lock box which enable the user to view the tips of in the lockbox to ensure the seal is lock properly.