Why You Need A KRA Approved ESD machine

ESD machine

An electronic signature device – ESD Machine is a fiscal device used to generate an electronic digital signature. An electronic Digital Signature comprises of a 77 character set that is produced by an esd machine with the help of a computer. It combines a number of factors e.g. sales transactions in a day to generate a hashed value that is stored on both the computer and ESD memory. If any change is made on the stored sales transactions of any day, no matter how slight the change, the signature stored in the ESD and one stored in the computer will not match. This makes it easy to prove data and sales tampering. Evidence of an ESD machine is sufficiently admissible in a court of law.

Type C Control Unit (Incotex 600) ESD Machine
How is an ESD different from a normal ETR machine?

The biggest difference between the two can be seen in the mode of operations. In an etr machine, one creates an invoice in their accounting system, prints out the invoice, then proceeds to manually produce an ETR receipt to be attached to the invoice. On the other hand, an ESD machine automates the entire process. The device captures the documents before they are sent to the printer. it then attaches a digital signature to the document automatically and then sends it to the printer. As such there is no need of attaching a physical etr receipt to the invoice.

Advantages over an ETR machine:

1. Stores signed copies of the invoices with the digital signature in pdf format on the host computer. As such emailing or sharing of this documents is much easier.
2. Integrates directly into your accounting system.
3. An ESD machine is a network device and as such can be used by multiple accountants at the same time.
4. It can be set to detect invoices only hence minimizing errors.
5. Easily reprint signed documents. This can be a bit difficult with normal etr’s especially if the duplicate receipt is lost.
6. Add original and copy watermarks on the go.
7. Can attach signatures on all pages especially for multiple pages invoices.
8. Saves a lot of time especially for busy offices.

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