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Plannettech PLNT001 GPS Electronic Lock Seal to Monitor Container, Trailer, Van Truck

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Electronic GPS Seal

Plannettech's PLNT001 GPS Electronic Lock is an intelligent e-lock embedded with GPS tracker, portable, reusable, robust physical lock with built-in sensors to provide real time monitoring of secured cargo both in transit and in stationary.

Information about the location, condition, temperature of containers is presented in real time, for all the users or interested parties to monitor and manage conveniently. The locking function brings maximum control of the cargo, the E-locks can only be unlocked by authorized person or in specific Geofence area, ensures goods supervision and fast dispatch; Event alert will be triggered to notify the users in real time at any unexpected occassions or deviation from predefined setting, allow them to take swift action before the cargo get damaged or loss.(eg. Lock cable cut alert, abnormal temperature alert, etc.) Historical data with report can be traced at any time for incidence analysis and management optimization.