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Meter Seals

Meter seals are used with electric meters or gas meters or water meters and usually are molded in polycarbonate. The transparent body of the security seal means that the locking mechanism is visible and can provide clear indication of tampering with. Meter seals can withstand exposure to sunlight and extreme weather and a wide range of temperatures.

Meter Seal – Features

  • Extremely functional & innovative answer to security problem.
  • Easy to use:- insert wire thru the hole and insert anchor into capsule. Using thumb to apply pressure and it’s locked.
  • A transparent body allow complete visual of locking mechanism and provide clear indication of tampering.
  • Designed for single use, destruct when open.
  • Cannot be easily open – cutting pliers needed for removal.
  • Withstand exposure to sunlight. Can withstand extreme weather condition.

Easy to Apply

  • Simple, no tools or assembly required
  • Pass the wire through the two holes in the outer part, and then turn the handle clockwise to achieve the perfect closure.
  • Removable by cable cutter.


  • 1 pc net weight: 3g

This product can be custom made to your specific requirements. Customization extends to:

  • Colors
  • Logo printing
  • Barcoding

For custom projects, the delivery time is between 6-12 weeks.

For more information on custom made seals, or to request a consultant or product sample, please contact customer service at

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Meter Seal type

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